Friday, August 2, 2013

la, la, la LEAVIN' ON A JET, la, la

     OLD song, but same event (smile) Wed. morning I got Tigger, my red tabby male kitten ready to go on a plane to Boston, Mass.  The airlines require that all the bolts on a plastic carrier be removed and replaced with metal ones.  Fortunately I had nuts and bolts here at home and didn't have to buy any.  And he needed padding inside, for comfort and in case of accidents.  So I purchased "puppy pads" to take care of that.  And they require an attached water bowl.  So that was another $8.00 purchase.  That was all for the carrier.                                                                 Now for the flight plan.  I went to Charlottesville Airport and "Delta" airlines actually takes cargo "Dash" for animals.  And Tigger was less that 5 lbs. so he was able to use an extra-small carrier (which is the normal size carrier) and it cost just over $200. to send him to Boston, Mass.  Which, of course, the buyer takes care of,  Weather was a factor, so we had to wait until a cooler day to let him travel, as the airlines has weather restrictions for animal flights.  Which I appreciated, I wanted Tigger to have the most comfortable flight he could get.  And he seemed so unconcerned about the whole ordeal.  My 2 year old grandson had a more traumatic episode knowing we were leaving Tigger.  He couldn't get the concept that Tigger was flying in an airplane and going somewhere without us.  Then we went outside to the fences and watched some airplanes landing and taking off and he felt better about leaving after a little while.

     So Tigger is going to be a new breeder (when he gets older) in a nice cattery called City Siberians in Boston, Mass.  And Kim of Blue Ridge Siberians knows one of the ladies from that cattery and knew Tigger would be raised right, and lovingly, so I knew I could deal with these ladies safely.  They do all the health tests on their breeders that Kim and I do on ours.  The cats are our main concern.  Healthy, happy kittens and cats is our priority.
     OH, Kim's site is still down, so please ask me about her one remaining blue point female who is available for adoption.  She is fun loving and beautiful.
So, I guess, for today, I am signing off from Cherished Siberians, in Culpeper, Va. and hoping your weather will be dry and lovely today.  

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