Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cherished Siberians is retiring Akimi soon.

A good many are asking when to expect the next litter of kittens.  Akimi, here , should be ready in a few weeks to mate.  Then 9 weeks to birth.  And 10 weeks to time for new families. So Dec/Jan.

This will be Akimi's final hurrah.  She needs to be retired, because she really doesn't like being a mommy very much.  She does take care of the kittens and makes sure they are fed and clean, but what she really needs is to find a home where she can lay across a red velvet pillow, eat from a crystal bowl and sit in someone's lap and purr and purr and purr.  You see , she is a Prima Dona, and she gets along with everyone as long as everything is done for her and done her way. (smile)  She is loving, even-tempered, and sweet.  Very cuddly and purrs as soon as you touch her.  She just loves attention.  So after this last litter for her, I will have her spayed and after healing, she will go for $600.oo.   So if you can spoil a cat rotten, she's your girl. And she deserves it.  She'll fill your heart with little purring love.

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