Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Hoko's Growing Litter

Here Hoko's Kittens eyes had opened and they had gotten bigger.  They seem to do things more quickly, I think, due to them being with the older kittens of  Dreamer and Sophia.

They are very vocal if something is not their way.  But mostly they still just eat and sleep.

Here's mom with all the kittens in her box.  And two of Dreamer's kittens (the large ones in the foreground)

Close up.

They each look unique and sweet .

This one's little two toned face is so  unique, he is going to grow up a real beautiful boy.

And these are their newest pictures today.  They are wabbly walking around the living room now.

There is the two toned face little boy.  He is a Blue Point with White.

This is a Bluepoint boy with a black heart shape on his nose. It is cute.

This little boy seems to have a twin sister.  They look so much alike only one is a boy and one is a girl.

This little Bluepoint boy has half blue nose and half pink.  He is a sweetie pie.

Have to get a better picture of this little guy, but he  has 4 blue paws , blue tail and a dark little nose.

This little girl is lighter colored and has four white "socks" and she is dainty.

And this is the little girl "twin" to the boy Bluepoint above.

 And our last little boy, he also sports "socks" on his feet.

So now I  am caught up with Hoko's little ones.  Hope you see one you would be able to love and cherish in your home.  None of Hoko's are spoken for yet (due to me not letting you know)  Sorry. I Know I Need To Do More Sooner. (smile)

But guess who I forgot???? Sophia's two.  Next Blog coming up........

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