Thursday, May 24, 2018

HOKO's Kittens

Hoko's Kittens will be available to go home June 17th. 

Hoko is still a very busy Mommy.

Here is the girl with the dark feet and tail.  So Precious.

This one is a boy. He has a two toned nose. (smile)  And look at those white socks.

This little boy's nose has a dark heart shape on the tip of his nose.  And again the white socks.

This guy has really dark feet and tail. And he is already adopted.

This little boy has the dark tail, pink nose and beautiful face like his sister below.

This little girl has been adopted today.  Isn't she just gorgeous.  Just like her brother above.

So 4 boys and 2 girls for Hoko's litter.  
1 girl is adopted and one boy is adopted.
Please call 540-727-8950
Thank you and have a lovely day today.

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