Thursday, April 26, 2018

HOKO had 6 kittens

HOKO had 6 babies. and they are all well and doing fine.  She gave birth on the 8th of April. 4 days early.  Brought on, no doubt because of being in the same room with her two daughters and their 8 combined kittens ( in two litters) 

Squiggily, squeaking, perfectly darling kittens.
So then I took more pictures........

This is actually Hoko and Dreamer on the same baby blanket with very obviously 2 different litters of kittens nursing.
And everybody is sharing the nursing too.  Nobody seems to mind.  And all the babies are getting fed and getting all the love from 3 different mommies.
SO THEN  I took more pictures today.

This one is very chunky. 

This one has white on her face and feet.

And I think this one is a girl.

 And only one picture of this little boy.

 And one picture of this little girl.

And a little boy.
So more pictures will have to come at a later time to get them all straight.  All of Hoko's kittens are still available for adoption.
Please contact Doreene Richmond at 540-727-8950

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