Monday, March 12, 2018

Dreamer Has Had Her First Litter!

Dreamer, in the wee hours of Sunday morning delivered 6 kittens.

She is exhausted, of course, but eating and drinking well.  And she has cleaned up all the kittens.

They are all looking sweet and healthy.  There seems to be more boys than girls, but that is to be decided definitely later, as I usually get a few wrong at first.  (smile)

Busy days ahead for Mommy and for me.  She is still in the mode where she wants me to be there with her all the time. This usually settles down after a few days and their confidence kicks in.

Six little kittens.  All Colorpoints.  That is to be expected between herself (a Colorpoint and Garreth, also a Colorpoint)

O Happy day!  Dreamer is doing fine and is proving to be a good mother, and the kittens are doing fine nursing and squealing and being cute and cuddly looking.

I do have a waiting list so I must contact them first, I know some did not particularly want a Colortpoint, so they will have to wait and see what Sophia gives to us.  But soon there will be babies available.  So if you are interested please contact me , Doreene, at 540-727-8950.  Or Cherished Siberians  at and thank you for all the wonderful comments and the enjoyment of the blog, and pictures sent back of your Cherished Siberian kitten as it grows and plays.  I really enjoy seeing them again.
     And, please, enjoy the pictures of the newborns.
Have a wonderful day, from Culpeper, Va.

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