Sunday, March 25, 2018

Sophia Had Her First Litter!

Sophia had her first litter. She had two kittens. A female Colorpoint and a
male Black kitten.  She has them in the same birthing box as Dreamer and the two will NOT leave each others' sides!!!  They nurse each others and wash each others as well as themselves.  It is sweet and endearing to see.  But they are all happy.  So until the kittens get so much bigger that they HAVE to do some shuffling around, this is what makes them happy.

Sophia curling around her two.  The kittens seem to instinctively know which mom is theirs.

And a picture of the whole brood.  8  kittens and two Moms in a box.  MEOWZERS!!!
                             So the happy, healthy,  wonderful, crazy bunch at Cherished Siberians welcomes all the calls and hopes for new homes.  540-727-8950.

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