Tuesday, August 21, 2018


ABIGAIL has been a terrific mother.  And she is happy with her little ones running around my bedroom floor.  (If only they would stay on the floor....I wake up to kittens running and jumping on me in my bed early in the morning.  They want their breakfast.  (smile)

These are the two girls.  They are spoken for.  There are four boys still available.  (For more females please see HONEY'S earlier post.)

This is the little Blue with White Boy, just chillin' and relaxin'.  See in the top picture his tail with the solid white half.  That is how I tell him apart from his nearly identical sister.  She has a simple ring around her tail.


This is my Colorpoint boy.  He has a white muzzle and four white socks.  And he is feisty and friendly.  And purrs up a storm.

Here are two cute pictures of the Blue Tabby boy.  He is smart and cuddly and cute as a button.

And my little Brown/ Black Tabby boy.  He is funny and quick and very friendly.



I'm a girl, I'm supposed to be in your face.......

Well, I guess that's all for now folks....Contact me at 540-727-8950 or at Cherished Siberians to hold one of these babies as your very own.  Someone is waiting for you to love them!!!!!

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