Wednesday, June 6, 2018


Many people were asking for pictures of the Mommies of the kittens and I really haven't done too many blogs with just the breeder girls.  So let me introduce you...

MALIHA  is now retired.
she just had her final litter.

MALIHA's daughter ABIGAIL  is now my new breeder .

And HONEY is MALIHA's daughter , who is my new breeder.

DREAMER is my new breeder, she is HOKO's daughter.

And SOPHIA is my new breeder, she is HOKO's daughter.

And this is HOKO she is still within the breeding years.  Usually I breed the girls up until they are 6.  Then they will get spayed and just be pets.  They live to be 18 to 20 years of age, so they still have a long and happy life ahead after being a mommy.

Now HOKO and MALIHA had mated with JOEY from BLUE RIDGE SIBERIANS and that is how I was able to keep two girls from each of their litters as my new breeders.  Of course I could no longer use JOEY as a  breeder, so I got LARION TALISMAN UDACHI , from Russia from a breeder who does the extensive testing on her cats as I do on mine to ensure a healthy breeder and healthy kittens.   I call him GARRETH, and he is the most loving cat on earth. 

So now we have HOKO's 6 going home June 17 and there are 3 of her little ones available and Dreamers boy is available now. And we are awaiting ABIGAIL's very first litter soon.

Hope you all have a happy, sunny and lovely day, from CHERISHED SIBERIANS  in Culpeper, Va.

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