Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Good Morning from Cherished Siberians in Culpeper, Va.

We had an exciting weekend with kittens going home.  However, two I thought had homes actually did not.  So I have good news to those who fell in love with Hoko's litter, I have three babies still available. And they are ready to go home with you today.  Well, let me clarify one, Zander MAY have a home, they will be back in town in a couple of weeks and I will know by July 8th.

But I actually have a female left.  The little girl with the dark paws and tail.  And is she a delight!!!!  She RUNS to me when I open the door.  She jumps on the couch to sit with me and purr.  She is outgoing and friendly and playful.  A wonderful kitten.

And the little boy with the two toned nose.  And is he turning out to be a beauty!!!   His fur is amazing and he is so friendly and sweet.  He and the girl I call Londi are two of a kind.  His name here is Titus.  Of course, you will name them what you wish when you adopt.

This first guy is Zander.  A Seal Point Tabby.  He will keep his blue eyes his whole life.  And he is becoming bolder day by day and is playful and just a happy guy.  He is so beautiful , I sit and watch him a lot. lol

I couldn't have asked for better pictures of Titus than these.  He is absolutely gorgeous.  And so sweet and falls asleep in my lap as I watch TV (well, the Roku) and is playful too.


And these are of Londi.  She is a very special girl , indeed.  Someone is going to be the happiest family when they get this girl!!!!!

So call today at 540-727-8950
or e-mail at cherishedsiberians@yahoo.com

and reserve your baby today.


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