Wednesday, February 24, 2021


Good morning to all.  Can you believe it is 60's outside today ???  The end of February, who would've thought it?  Haha.  I know I am just going to enjoy the day.

    Well, HONEY's  four little ones now have homes.

Colorpoint Boy---the lighter of the 2---- adopted by V.C.

Colorpoint Boy---the darker of the 2---- adopted by J.L.

Colorpoint Girl--- adopted by S.C.

Blue W/White Girl--- adopted by D.B.

I think I went through 34 on my waiting list to get these 4 adopted.  Some cannot adopt at the time of my call.    And that is encouraging to those on the list who thought they may be too far down to get a kitten.

ABIGAIL is due to deliver this weekend.  What will she have???  It's always a surprise.  I was super surprised at HONEY having so many colorpoints.  She is usually good for mostly colorful kittens.  But with Garreth as the Daddy, it was bound to happen sometime.  Fortunately he is  a big, beautiful, strong Siberian boy,  So his kittens are very lovely.

I have a few pictures from a few days after the kittens' birth.  And a few from today after their eyes have opened.  I just put the two girls together and the two boys together, because HONEY was not at all happy with me taking her babies and putting them on the chair to take pictures.


Pretty little Colorpoint girl.

So pretty, little Black W/ White girl.

1st  Colorpoint boy (lighter)

Colorpoint boy (darker)

These were just days after they were born. pictures I took today with their eyes open are not showing up yet so I can use them, so I will try again later today.  My computer wants to do an "update", so maybe that is the problem.  I usually find so many problems after most of these stinkin' "updates", I wish they would just leave it alone already.  ok, rant is over.

  Check later today or tomorrow and hopefully the newest pictures will  be available to use by then.

And remember, if you're on the waiting list, ABIGAIL will be delivering this weekend and DREAMER in March.  So heads up and hearts full, let's see what the future holds for all of you.

Have a lovely day, and go outside and soak up a few beautiful , warm sunrays.

Doreene Richmond

Cherished Siberians

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Unionville,Va 22567