Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Fun Pictures of ABIGAIL's Babies

Here are some new pictures, for fun, of ABIGAIL's babies before they go home the 22nd of this month.  REMEMBER...ALL of ABIGAIL's babies have homes.

                                     TOY CENTRAL ... heeheehee.


SO much fun. Playing day-by-day.  They are litter trained.  They eat solid food just fine.  They still nurse from Mommy, ( while she is still allowing it, in the next couple of weeks she won't be wanting to nurse them much any more.)

 SHHHH.......babies sleeping now.
 Wherever they wore themselves out at.......
 Look, even Mommy is taking a nap.
 Lullabye and goodnight........

Yes, sometimes I'm tired enough to fall asleep eating and drinking too.  Especially keeping up with alllllll the cats and kittens now.

Keep safe and warm, and healthy and happy.

Doreene Richmond
23292 Hawfield Rd.
Unionville, Va. 22567

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