Wednesday, September 25, 2019

HOKO's New Babies.

HOKO's three are SO adorable. 2 Colorpoint Females and 1 Colorpoint Male.  The colors aren't apparent yet.

HOKO hovering over the babies.  She really isn't ready to share yet. (smile)

The first little girl.   They must be getting some good kinda milk there, haha, look at that fat tummy.

The second little girl.  Eyes not open yet.

And the little boy.  He IS trying to open his eyes a little bit, already.

HOKO.....ever on the watch.

HOKO nursing her little ones. 

That's the best I can do for right now.  Mama was very tolerant and now she has had enough and wants her privacy.  I think I'm gonna respect that.  What a nice gal she was to let me get these photos for you.

At this moment all of this litter are AVAILABLE.

Thanks for watching

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