Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Hello, Here is an update....sort of , listing who is still available in the litters.  I will have to get lots of new pictures and repost this with beautiful new pictures too.  But anyway this is just a quick way of answering multiple requests to know which kittens are left.

In Honey's litter 4 kittens have been adopted.
1) The Blue W/ White Male
2) The Colorpoint Male
3) The Colorpoint Female
4) The Blue Tabby w/ White

One kitten available
5)  Flamepoint Male

In Abigail's litter 2 kitten has been adopted.
1) Colorpoint Female.....the lightest colored one
2) Blue W/ White Male

Still availaable are:
3) Colorpoint Male
4) Colorpont Female
5) Colorpoint Female

In Hoko's litter 1 kitten has been adopted.
1)Colorpoint girl

Still available are:
2) Colorpoint Male
3) Colorpoint Female
4) Colorpoint Female
5)Colorpoint Male

In Dreamer's litter 2 kittens have been adopted,
1) Colorpoint Female.....the smallest one
2) Colorpoint Female

Still available are:
3)Colorpoint Male
4) Colorpoint Female
5) Colorpoint Male

This is not ideal at all, I want to get pictures of each as I go along and I usually do it that way.  Bear with me as I get the most updated pictures and do this again.

"Dan"  I am not ignoring you, I have lost all the e-mails with your name on it...please re-contact me.  I am so sorry.  You wanted Dreamer's kitten.

     Thank you for choosing Cherished Siberians,  I am honored that you have put your trust in my cattery and my Girls to give you your newest member of your family.  I love each and every one of them and can't wait to see your faces as you meet your kitten and see the bond of love that happens so quickly once you touch them and hold them for the first time.  This is such a rewarding service to render to those who have never been able to have a pet before because of allergies.
   Have a wonderful day and I will get these pictures  "toot sweet" .
   Bye for now. 

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