Friday, May 1, 2015

Maliha's 3 going home

Hello All,  
     It is time for Maliha's three to go home.  Today they will go for their wellness visit at the Vet.
They are all doing wonderfully.  They are eating and drinking and playing and running around,
and having a great time.

This one is Lionel, and he is so athletic and playful, running and jumping and busy all the time.
It is good that he is going home with 3 boys who will play with him a LOT. (smile)

And this is Milo.  He is sweet and cuddly and wants to be loved on and held when he is not playing and running with his brothers.  He loves to jump real high when playing with a toy.

And this is Maxx, He is so beautiful and adorable, which belies the fact that he is so energetic and wants to "attack" his brothers at every opportunity.  They are so much fun to watch as they play together.  They jump, climb and pounce at a moments notice.  But when you pick them up they are ready to relax and enjoy some "lap" time and cuddle.  They are so sweet.  And they have loving families to go home to and ejoy their lives with.  Maxx and Milo are going home together.  I think that is wonderful.

Okay.  Families, remember to bring your car carriers with you.  We want the babies to be safe while in your cars!  Yes, two can fit in one carrier at this point, they are small.

So for now, from Cherished Siberians in Culpeper, Va.  Have a wonderful day and go on.....Dance in the Rain.

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