Friday, March 20, 2015

Hoko's Kittens

Hoko had her kittens yesterday!!!   She had 6. Believe it or not she only had ONE colorpoint!  That never happens with her.  (smile)  But she had one Blue Tabby boy, I think 3 Black Tabby girls (It was hard to tell on one of them.)  and a Colorpoint girl and a Black Tabby boy.IF  I've read them all right.

So as always give us a few days before pictures and I will do so when she is willing to give them up for a nanosecond each. (smile)

She actually did deliver exactly on time.  I had misread and misremembered the date , I thought I  was waiting since the 13th (haha) think of how worried I was getting as each day went by,  then I had to go check something on the calendar for another cat and ... lo and behold her due date WAS the 19th.  RIGHT on time. (smile)

Maliha's litter is growing and getting cuter all the time.  They are on their feet and walking a little bit.  Not out of the box yet.  But I give that a week. (haha) then they will be all over the place.  Have to walk very carefully.  eeeek.  Even only 3 of them can quickly dart right under where your foot is going to go down.  My daughter is back in town now and maybe I can get her to come over and take some really nice pictures of all the babies and get them posted in a week or so.  I'll ask her.

So from Culpeper, Va. and Cherished Siberians we wish you a happy Spring and hope all the coming flowers and warmer weather will treat you kindly and make your world happy.

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