Sunday, March 9, 2014

Gracie's 2nd litter Pictures.

Here you can see the colorpoint girl (already adopted) and the cream tabby colored boy, and the blue tabby boy (I thought was adopted, but turns out not to be) and the colorpoint boy.
Good Morning.  I finally got some sleep yesterday.  What a busy day.  And this morning Gracie and the babies are doing fine.  I have some first shots for you.  Can't tell much about them this early, but they are cute anyway.

 Gracie is just as happy as she can be. A real proud Mommy cat.  Today she is still a bit stressed out, but , hey, wouldn't you be?   She'll be fine.  She is eating well and looks great.  She purrs so loud when she in with them in the birthing box.  8 days from now, they should start opening their eyes.

I do need to update the list of kittens.  The blue boy has been adopted. And as I said yesterday, Gracie's girl is adopted also.  So two boys from Gracie are available and 3 boys from Maliha are available

This sure is an exciting 3 weeks in the Cherished Siberian world.  Hope your week-end has been just as fantastic for you.

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