Thursday, May 9, 2013

Maliha's First Litter of Siberian Kittens

It has been quite a week here at Cherished Siberians.   I want to thank you so much for your patience on my updates.  A lot has been going on, but I do have a lot to update!

The big announcement is that on Monday, May 6th, Maliha gave birth to her first litter of Siberian kittens.  She had three healthy little ones.  Two boys (a black and a red) and one girl (a blue).

 The youngest of Maliha's litter.  The oldest was the Blue.

As of today, the kittens are 4 days old, and doing very well. 

Maliha has proven to be an excellent mother.  She is attentive and loving, and her kittens are growing nicely.

More updates to come later on tonight.  I have new pictures of Akimi's litter, and of Gracie's.

If you have any questions, or would like more information or more pictures, please leave a comment below, or visit  

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