Saturday, April 13, 2013

Meet Our Breeders!

The exciting news is that all three of my female cats are pregnant!  So kittens will be available soon.

Until then, I will be documenting my cats' progress, and updating with news of the births, pictures of the new kittens, and more information on when they will be available.

If you are interested in purchasing one of the kittens, please contact me.  You can respond in the comments with an email address, email me, or go to for a phone number and other contact information. 

Have a question?  Use any of the above methods to contact me, and I will answer any questions you have.

For now, let's meet our breeders:

This is Gracie, our newest breeder.

Gracie is due on April 19th.

Gracie is the sweetest cat you can imagine.  She loves to be around people, loves to be petted and is playful.  She also has those beautiful green eyes.  If the picture seems a little blurry, it is because she is such an active cat and while there's something interesting afoot, she doesn't want to sit still.  However, if you sit in the same room, she'll jump right into your lap, and settle in for a long cuddle.

Gracie has had litters before, and she is a wonderful mother.

She is bred with Niko, a male Siberian from Blue Ridge Siberians.

This is Akimi
Akimi is due April 26th.

Akimi is a purr machine.  She loves to be held, cuddled and petted, but sometimes just walking in her direction will start her purring.  She is a confident, assertive cat - a bit of a prima donna - but she is also a cat full of love.

Akimi has had one litter of kittens, and has proven to be a great mother with gorgeous kittens.

Akimi is bred with Joey, a male Siberian from Blue Ridge Siberians.

This is Maliha.
Maliha is due May 6th.

Maliha is a playful cat.  She would play all day, if you could spare the time.  She is a discerning little girl, but gives her affection freely.  She is quieter than Gracie and Akimi, and will curl up beside you and sit with you for hours.  Not only is she stunningly beautiful, but she has some great qualities to teach her kittens.

This will be Maliha's first litter.

Maliha is also bred with Joey.

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