Sunday, October 4, 2020

ABIGAIL's Kittens go home Oct. 18th


Here is Kevin and Twinkie peeking around the  couch.

This little kitten I call Ashley.   He is such a cool, calm dude.
This is Jessie.  She is so cute and purrs a lot.

This little girl I call Nippy.  She is so friendly.  She loves to find me and have me pet her.

                                                        The Luncheon crowd.
                                                                 Rhett Butler

                                                   I call him Licorice, his mom named him Toby. 

Some fun pictures taken recently.  The babies will be ready to go home the weekend of the 18th.  That Friday, or Saturday or Sunday will be fine to take them home.

  In keeping with the Pandemic and distancing recommendations I will have you drive up in the driveway and beep your horn.  I will bring out your contract and paperwork to fill out. Then I will get your baby bring him to your car and pick up the paperwork, take it inside to get copies and get your bag of things for take home.  Then I will go over the health record for your baby and answer any questions.We will both be wearing masks to keep each other safe.Then you can be on your way with practically no contact at all.

     Right now the babies are eating Blue Buffalo Kitten wet food (chicken flavor)  and 4 Health All Stages dry food. ( only available at Tractor Supply Co. )  But if you learn to read the ingredients on the   labels you can find high quality foods in any pet store or quaint little shop you may find locally.  The first 3 to 5 ingredients should be meat, meat broth, ( or fish) and water or broth, then it can go into the ingredients that are good for the gut, blueberries, cranberries, etc. IF peas are part of the ingredients make sure it is further down the list at least 5th or more down, so that it is not depending on peas for the protein, cats are carnivores and need meat protein. 

     Well, I hope everyone is eager for their babies to come home in the next few weeks.  And soon I will get the Vet appointments scheduled for their exam from the Doctor.  It is always SO busy before kittens go home.

    I hope you enjoyed the few pictures here and keep safe and well.  And we'll see everyone soon to pick up your kittens.

Have a great day from Cherished Siberians in Unionville, Va.


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