Sunday, February 1, 2015

5 pictures of 5 babies

Here is Zeke, our little red boy.  He thought  the day was for the birds.But his sights were far off from them, looking for something to do today.

And this is our blue boy,  he looks a little washed out here, because he is so dark grey we couldn't see much detail in the original picture, so my daughter lightened it so we could see his beautiful face and features.   He looks wistful and ready to take on whatever comes his way.

Our little Emily is a doll. Dreaming about the new home she will be going to very soon.  All sunshine and lollipops and rainbows ahead.  What big dreamy eyes you have.

This lovely lady has the bluest eyes ever.  (smile)  She is our gorgeous bluepoint girl.   She is eventually going to look a lot like my "Hoko".  So she will be a real "looker".

And last of all little "Dumpling"  is what her new family is naming this bluepoint girl.  She is playful and curious and full of wonder.  She is delicate and sweet.
     So hopefully all the families will like the pictures of their babies that my daughter took with her camera which is soooooo much better than my phone's pictures.  Much better clarity---right?

      Bye for now, from Cherished Siberians and please be careful if you are in the area that gets the icy rain and snow mix.  Stay home and off the roads if you can.  I'm praying for good weather around the 11th, so all the families can safely pick up their new additions.

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