Thursday, April 10, 2014

Take me home dates

Everyone is gearing up to bring their new babies home.  Maliha's litter will be 10 weeks old on May 8th.  And Gracies will be 10 weeks old on the 18th of May.  So pretty soon I'll be an empty nester and Hoko will be delivering her very first litter about that time.
   Maliha's kittens are growing great and eating solid foods very well , as well as still nursing from their mommy.  And they use the litter box just fine.
     Gracie's litter have just started tasting wet foods and they are learning to eat it pretty well.  They haven't figured out the litter box yet.  But 10 days in kitten world sure does make a difference.  They are growing normally and are following Maliha's kittens' progress pretty much the same. (smile)  All of the kittens are so cute and cuddly, I just want to scoop them all up and give them hugs.  Actually, I DO.
     I have 3 babies left to be adopted.  The cream tabby from Gracie's litter, the Blue boy from Gracie's litter and the Black and White tabby from Maliha's litter ( I call him Tuxedo, because, well, his four white paws and white chest......give him a top hat and a cane and an animated spot and , he'd be in a tuxedo.  hee hee.
     Well, have a wonderful day.  Here in Culpeper, Va. it should be a wonderful warm and inviting day.  From Cherished Siberians, I am signing off for today.

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